Welcome to the Attingham Park WWI blog where we will be posting stories and photographs from 100 years ago. Attingham Park is one of Shropshire’s great country estates and over the centuries it has experienced periods of love and neglect. The Hall, built in 1782, is surrounded by a beautiful deer park and a wider estate of tenant farms. The Hill family consisted of spenders, savers and saviours and the 8th Lord Berwick bequeathed the Attingham estate to the National Trust in 1947.

Attingham Hall c.1917

Attingham Hall c.1917

During WWI the house was tenanted by Captain Van Bergan, an American man, and he and his family set up a hospital here in October 1914 for wounded soldiers. By 1918 the hospital had 60 beds and an operating theatre.

Soldiers recovering on the Colonnade c.1917

Soldiers recovering on the Colonnade c.1917

Before and during the war, Thomas, 8th Lord Berwick served with the Shropshire Yeomanry and worked for the British Embassy in Paris. He met his future wife, Teresa Hulton, before the war, they kept in contact and married in 1919.

Lord Berwick in military uniform

Lord Berwick in military uniform

Teresa Hulton had grown up in Venice, Italy and helped the Belgian refugees in London in 1914. Later, in 1915 she served as Red Cross nurse on the Italian front line. At the close of the war she married Lord Berwick and they came to live on the Attingham estate and began a new chapter in Attingham’s history.

Teresa Hulton became a Red Cross nurse in 1915

Teresa Hulton became a Red Cross nurse in 1915

The blog posts over the next few years will cover these stories in detail. We have a great deal of archive material about Teresa and so the main focus of the blog will be on her life but this will be interspersed with the stories from Lord Berwick’s life and the events that took place at Attingham.

We hope you enjoy our blog and if you would like to receive the monthly posts then please click ‘Follow’ in the little grey box on the bottom right of the screen. Our new exhibition The Great War for Civilisation is open everyday from 10am in the Stables at Attingham.

Thank you.


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